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News in Research – WaterPro

News in Research – WaterPro

News in Research – WaterPro

Lino Nilsson, LTU 2018

The water flow model has been updated to the shallow water equations in 2.5D (SWE) due to a more natural way of introducing wind induced water currents into the model. The model solves the SWE in a 2d space using finite differences discretisation method for the linear terms and using an Euler-Lagrange method for solving the non-linear momentum equations.

The hydrodynamical model is fully integrated with a previously developed biogeochemical model which has previously been used to estimate nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations and reactions in a cold-climate mining pond in northern sweden (Nilsson & Widerlund, 2018). Fig. 1 shows the magnitude of the water velocity (left) during winter in the LKAB Kiruna clarification pond as well as the velocities and a migration of a inflow of easily bioavailable phosphorus (contour plot, right).


Figure 1. Shows modelled water velocity using the SWE, magnitude of the velocity is shown on the left and the right shows the marked area and plotted is the water velocity as well as migration of bioavailable phosphorus.



Nilsson, L., Widerlund, A., 2018. Modelling tool for predicting and simulating nitrogen concentrations in cold-climate mining ponds. Ecological modelling (380), 40-52.

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