Heriot Watt University

Heriot Watt University

Heriot Watt University (HWU) is renowned for applied and technological research and industry-oriented, collaborative work. With its international campuses in Dubai and Malaysia, it has extensive experience in building international collaborative research and an outstanding track record of nurturing research to spin out/commercialisation success. HWU Water Academy is widely recognized for its reputation for world-class teaching and pioneering research for the benefits of society (e.g. flood risk management, pollutants transport, innovative water technologies and eutrophication mitigation). Dr Aleksandra Drizo, who worked at HWU as a professor at the time of the award (2014-2017) has 25 years of research and expertise in innovative treatment systems and technologies for wastewater and runoff treatment and management in particular for phosphorus removal and recycling (www.phosphoreduc.com). She generated An Inventory of Good Management  Practices for Nutrients Reduction and Recovery from Agricultural  Runoff and co-authored the Inventory of practices for mineral extraction runoff treatment.

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