WaterPro will collect dispersed knowledge and expertise in runoff management into a well-structured tool-box, especially tailored for sparsely populated NPA areas currently facing water pollution and climate change issues. The main focus is in controlling and managing runoffs from agriculture and mineral extraction sites which both are important sectors economically but cause pollution threats to the water and soil environment.  Historically, different regions have developed their specific methods for managing runoff, but well-structured and comparable data for eco-efficient and profound decision-making is missing. There are also some new methods (eg. novel reusable filter materials) under development which have not yet been tested in different climates or geographical conditions. WaterPro will fill in these gaps through collaborative piloting in several sites.  The WaterPro partners have complementary expertise and experience and this offers a fruitful platform for mutual learning: Finnish partners have long experience in runoff monitoring; Icelandic and Faroe Island partners have good capabilities in climate change preparedness for runoff peaks, Sweden is a leader in nitrogen removal and modelling, N. Ireland and Ireland partners are frontrunners in innovative willow coppice systems for runoff and waste water management together with biomass bioenergy production. Scotland is a leader in innovative systems for phosphorus removal and reuse.

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