Lulea University of Technology

Lulea University of Technology

LTU is the centre for mining related research and education in Sweden. Björn Öhlander leads a research team studying different aspects of mining and the environment. As a result of the use of ammonium nitrate based explosives in mining or cyanide in gold extraction processes, high nitrogen amounts are discharged into aquatic environments. LTU will focus on modelling nitrogen discharge from these sites and thus contribute a decision-support tool for choosing the best runoff management practices especially in Northern and Arctic Areas.  LTU is a responsible partner for the Pilot Phase and will synchronize action plans for different pilot sites and transnational and regional cooperation towards joint output of knowledge transfer and communication platform. LTU participates also in Communication actively by its own networks and collecting practices especially from the mining sector.  Björn Öhlander is also the  coordinator responsible for Pilot and innovative activities.

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