Waterpro Partners Visit Iceland For Collaborative European Water Quality Improvement Project

Waterpro Partners Visit Iceland For Collaborative European Water Quality Improvement Project

Nine partners from Northern Europe, including the lead partner Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Finland) as well as partners from Sweden, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Northern Ireland recently attended an international conference looking at Oligotrophic and ultra-oligotrophic waterbodies and their sensitivity to pollution.

WaterPro Seminar in IcelandThe conference, which was hosted by Agricultural University of Iceland, is part of an innovative EU funded project called WaterPro which aims to develop sustainable systems to protect water quality from agricultural and mining pollution.

The project partners attended a seminar to hear a range of presentations from loss of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) from agricultural soils in Iceland to recent water quality deterioration in Finnish lakes, finding the root cause in a changing climate as well as good practice guidelines for agriculture and their implementation.  The seminar also looked at measurements of runoff and nutrient losses and integrated bio-solutions for treatment of Landfill Leachate.

Conor Jordan Chairperson from the Lough Neagh Partnership, one of the project partners commented “WaterPro is a fantastic opportunity for partner organisations to collaborate and share knowledge on a range of practical water quality improvement projects.  The application of proven methods to improve water quality can have a real positive impact on our waterways”

Waterpro dairy farm visit in IcelandFollowing the seminar, the project partners were taken to the region of Borgarfjörður in West Iceland, where they visited two dairy farms, one sheep farm and a horticultural station growing cucumbers.  There they saw practical examples of how new technology can be used in the housing of animals and the management of slurry and potential run off.  Cucumber farm Iceland Icelandic farmers provided advice on how slurry was stored through the winter and the particular difficulties in operating in such a cold environment and informed the visiting party on Icelandic regulations on storing and managing the animal waste product.  It was particularly fascinating see the use of geothermal technology particularly in heating winter cattle sheds and in heating greenhouses for the horticulture industry.

The next WaterPro seminar will take place in the Faro Islands in May 2018.

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