Welcome to WaterPro

Welcome to WaterPro

What is WaterPro?

Water Pro is part of the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme which attempts to help peripheral and remote communities on the northern margins of Europe to develop their economic, social and environmental potential.  WaterPro is a new transnational cooperation project which will attempt to find new ways to address shared environmental challenges of pollution and nutrient runoff from agricultural and mining practice and explore new ways to address these problems.

WaterPro Lough Neagh

Through collaboration, the WaterPro Project wishes to improve environmental protection and reduce the impact of runoff from agriculture and mining extraction. This will be done through the development of a tool-box of good management practices, and a communication platform together with implementation of several innovative low cost practices at a variety of pilot sites.

The ultimate goal of WaterPro is to help protect the water quality of the NPA region’s coastal and freshwaters, protect human health and ecosystems and stimulate sustainable economic growth and development in the Northern Periphery Area.

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